Monday, August 22, 2011

Canned Food vs. Dry Food!

Hey everyone!
This summer has been so much fun so far! Ive been sunbathing in the windows and working on my figure as always.
Its a good thing my family here at SAHDC portions out my food properly to make it easy on me.
As I was wondering around today I got to thinking about the food they feed me. I always only get wet food, while Theo gets both wet and dry food! No fair!
I was feelings pretty dissatisfied with this, so I went to go ask Dr. Brooke Schwabenton about it, to gain some of her knowledge on the subject!

Here is what she had to say!
"Hey Chance!
In order to formulate dry food into kibble form, the pet food companies have to add extra carbohydrates. Cats' digestive tracts are not formulated to handle carbohydrates in the way other species can. Cats are actually made o live off a diet high in protein with a moderate amount of fat- their "natural" diet is small rodents, remember!
Therefore, cats will often continue to gain weight even when fed a low fat dry food. I have even seen cats gain weight when fed only and 1/8 of a cup of a low fat dry food twice daily!
Canned food will cause more tartar build-up than dry food unless you routinely brush your pets teeth, but i still believe the benefits outweigh this downside. Canned food has the benefit of controlling weight, but is also much better for their urinary tract health. Cats often do not drink enough water especially when fed dry food. The canned food diet will increase water consumption, helping to flushout their urinary tract.
You, Chance, need to stay a healthy weight so that you can remain strong and agile, even with only three legs!"

Thanks Dr. Brooke!

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  1. I have even seen cats gain weight reviews when fed only and 1/8 of a cup of a low fat dry food twice daily!