Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is awesome!

Hello again, everyone!

I hope this summer has been a blast so far and that everyone has had a great time playing with their humans!
I know I have! My humans here at SAHDC got me a bunch of new toys to play with and Ive been running around like crazy! Life is so good.

The other night, I got to thinking just how lucky I am to have a huge family who loves me so much. I always have someone to pet me or play with me. Then I thought, what about the other animals out there who dont have such a great life? They deserve it too!
I decided I'd bring this up to my SAHDC family and they told me about Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network!
Red Dog Farm is an awesome program that helps animals of every variety find new homes with the perfect people for that individual animal. Each animal, whether found, surrendered, or rescued, recieves medical work with the finest of care before being placed in a suitable foster home. If needed, animals in the program are also entered in training classes with Shiloh K-9 or Cooler Horsemanship! Once the animal is deemed "adopable" by the program, he or she is then put up on the RDF website ( to start recieving applicants!

Get involved! Save a life!

Till next time!

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