Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its been too long!

Hey everyone! Chance here!
Its been way too long since my last post but I've been a busy bee!
So much has happened since then, so Im going to try and fill you in just a bit.

Pet Dental Care month was awesome! Its always so great to watch dogs and cats walk out of here feeling soo much better after a cleaning! Dont forget, though, dental care is just as important every part of the year!

Right now everyone at SAHDC is talking about Zoonosis. I wasnt quite sure about what that word meant, so I sat down with one of the Technicians and had them explain to me in kitty terms! They said that the word "Zoonosis"  refers to a disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals. All sorts of things can be Zoonotic! From parasites to Rabies to ringworm, Zoonotic diseases are super scary!

But there is so much we can do to prevent these things from spreading back and forth among species!

I like to help my humans look under the microscope for parasites!

For more info about Zoonotic Diseases, Check out these websites!

Zoonotic Diseases are Icky!