Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long time no meow!

Unfortunately I have had quite a busy month or two. Around the time of my last blog I had an accident when falling off a sink counter and injured by back left leg. Now considering since this is my only left leg, since I am three legged this has been a difficult time for me. Upon x-raying my back legs my people friends were surprised to find out that both my back knees were not working properly. Now almost two months later and three surgeries on my left rear leg the doctors are 'holding' their breath hoping that the last surgery will hold so I can be more comfortable. Down the road I may need a surgery on my right rear leg too. So as it stands I have now been kept confined, or in other words limited to my cage only for the past seven weeks and have many more ahead. When I am fully recovered my people friends tell me that I can no longer jump up onto counters or my favorite place the top of the fridge for fear of re-injuring myself. So I apologize for not blogging lately I will try to do more from now on. My people friends are keeping me company spending all their lunch breaks and down time playing with me. However I am expecting multiple toys and gifts when I am fully recovered. Don't let them forget it! My name is Chance, and I am a cat.