Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Dust Bunnies" and "Hair Bunnies"

If you own a pet surely you have pet hair in your house. People always FREAK out about this but I don't understand why. Pets have hair, people have hair, it falls out sometimes and we deal with it. Personally if you ask any cat we enjoy shedding it. Grooming ourselves and loosing our hair is our way of making our new hair shiny, silky and clean. Plus as an added bonus Dust Bunnies and Hair Bunnies are GREAT toys! You can bat them around on the floor and chase them under the couch. Who wouldn't want this free toy for their pet? It gets even better I have never seen a person who hasn't laughed when watching a cat groom themselves and come up with a mouth full of hair and then try repeatedly and unsuccessfully to shake their heads to get the hair of their tongue. What better entertainment could you ask for? So let me recap, pet hair is okay to be on the floor (or furniture, car seats, and your clothes) it is not the end of the world as some of you say. Best of all it is easy to clean up, since it doesn't even leave a stain. So my people friends wear you pet hair proud. It lets other people know that you are a wonderful pet parent to some great furry critters. My name is Chance and I am a cat.