Monday, March 8, 2010

I luv being me!

I was told today that I am such an original cat. I agree.

 My name is Chance and I am a cat.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I was told this morning that I am a little obnoxious on Mondays. WHAT? ME? WHY?

Then I found out that some people (i.e. my vet people friends) don't particularly care for Monday mornings even though they do love their jobs they would rather crawl back into bed. I find this to be rather humorous and would love to actually see one of my people friends crawl into bed.... Can you jump into bed while crawling on all fours (or my case threes)?  Well, for whatever reason people don't love mornings, I sure do. I thought that maybe if I shared why I love mornings, you to will learn to appreciate Mondays like I do.

My top 10 reasons why I LOVE  Monday mornings:

10) People do very cool things in the morning like make dark hot water in a weird pot that smells up the entire room. That should make people happy my water doesn't look or smell that interesting, and I have even seen some people add  milk to their hot dark water. Milk and cool dark water how devine!

 9) People have these meeting things Monday mornings and everyone gets here early. Which is awesome because more people = more petting.

 8) In the mornings it is colder outside so my people friends keep it nice and warm indoors. We cats love to be warm so please keep the temperature turned up.

 7) People like to talk more on Monday mornings. I hear them talking about their weekends and what they did. I am still trying to figure out what a weekend is, but when people talk more they also stand around a lot more and this allows me to trick them into standing still long enough to stop and pet me!

 6) More people bring food to work on Mondays than any other day! I for one have never met a leftover that I didn't enjoy.

 5) It is so bright outside and inside! Why don't people appreciate this. I love lights they make it easier for you to see, and they are fun to stare at for hours and hours.

 4) Dogs are more sleepy in the mornings too, which allows me to have more fun sneaking up on them.

 3) Morning time is a purrfect time to play games. My favorite one is to jump into the empty trashcan wait until one of my people friends walks by and then I jump out and yell SURPRISE! Although come to think of it they don't really find this too funny.

 2) Morning time is Kitty Yoga time! Find a comfortable spot, preferably on top of some important papers or across a keyboard and just stretch out and hold that position for as long as possible.


1)  YOU GET BREAKFAST!!!!!!! If it wasn't morning than you couldn't eat breakfast and that would stink. Plus since my people friends are a little more sleepy on Mondays I usually can trick one or two of them into thinking I haven't been fed yet. Hehe! People are so silly.

My name is Chance and I am a cat.