Friday, November 12, 2010

What is a Cat Carrier?

If you have ever stepped foot inside my house (Sedgefield Animal Hospital) or any Animal Hospital for that matter you probably have seen some strange things. Today I ventured upfront to the waiting room to see why I heard this strange sound. It was this cat crying and to my horror I saw that he was in this big plastic box thing. He kept telling his people friends to please let him out but they acted embarrassed that he was crying and just stood there telling him it would be okay. Thankfully one of my people friends told his friend to bring him into the exam room and it was okay to let him out of the box. They called it a "cat carrier". Here I thought people were the cat carriers? When I want to go somewhere I let my people carry me with their arms or I ride on their shoulders. When I gave them a funny look because I didn't understand they explained to me that unfortunately this is the only safe way to transport cats from inside to outside. I started paying attention to this and noticed several more "cat carriers" in the lobby. Some were soft, some hard, some made out of fun cardboard, some had toys, beds and even food in them! Most of the other cats seemed just fine with this and weren't complaining at all. This was still a strange idea to me so I began doing some more detective work and notice that while cats get to ride in these "cat carriers" dogs travel inside with these wierd choking things around their necks. That doesn't look fun, I guess this is just another plus about being a cat - we don't have to walk on a leash! I looked around the hospital to see if I had a "cat carrier" but I couldn't find one so I made one myself out of the Doctor's suitcase!

My name is Chance and I am a cat!