Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Safety!

Hey everyone!
One of my very favorite holidays is coming up soon, Halloween!
Im so excited because I get to dress up and run around the animal hospital looking cute all day!
Dressing up is so much fun but there is so much about this holiday that I have to be careful about and so should you!
It is very sad, but many black cats like me are in danger around this time of the year, so it's very important to make sure we all stay inside and safe, away from anyone who might try to hurt us.

Here are some tips on safety offered by the ASPCA for this halloween this year!

Have fun and stay safe!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Canned Food vs. Dry Food!

Hey everyone!
This summer has been so much fun so far! Ive been sunbathing in the windows and working on my figure as always.
Its a good thing my family here at SAHDC portions out my food properly to make it easy on me.
As I was wondering around today I got to thinking about the food they feed me. I always only get wet food, while Theo gets both wet and dry food! No fair!
I was feelings pretty dissatisfied with this, so I went to go ask Dr. Brooke Schwabenton about it, to gain some of her knowledge on the subject!

Here is what she had to say!
"Hey Chance!
In order to formulate dry food into kibble form, the pet food companies have to add extra carbohydrates. Cats' digestive tracts are not formulated to handle carbohydrates in the way other species can. Cats are actually made o live off a diet high in protein with a moderate amount of fat- their "natural" diet is small rodents, remember!
Therefore, cats will often continue to gain weight even when fed a low fat dry food. I have even seen cats gain weight when fed only and 1/8 of a cup of a low fat dry food twice daily!
Canned food will cause more tartar build-up than dry food unless you routinely brush your pets teeth, but i still believe the benefits outweigh this downside. Canned food has the benefit of controlling weight, but is also much better for their urinary tract health. Cats often do not drink enough water especially when fed dry food. The canned food diet will increase water consumption, helping to flushout their urinary tract.
You, Chance, need to stay a healthy weight so that you can remain strong and agile, even with only three legs!"

Thanks Dr. Brooke!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is awesome!

Hello again, everyone!

I hope this summer has been a blast so far and that everyone has had a great time playing with their humans!
I know I have! My humans here at SAHDC got me a bunch of new toys to play with and Ive been running around like crazy! Life is so good.

The other night, I got to thinking just how lucky I am to have a huge family who loves me so much. I always have someone to pet me or play with me. Then I thought, what about the other animals out there who dont have such a great life? They deserve it too!
I decided I'd bring this up to my SAHDC family and they told me about Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network!
Red Dog Farm is an awesome program that helps animals of every variety find new homes with the perfect people for that individual animal. Each animal, whether found, surrendered, or rescued, recieves medical work with the finest of care before being placed in a suitable foster home. If needed, animals in the program are also entered in training classes with Shiloh K-9 or Cooler Horsemanship! Once the animal is deemed "adopable" by the program, he or she is then put up on the RDF website ( to start recieving applicants!

Get involved! Save a life!

Till next time!

Friday, May 6, 2011

hey again!

Today I wanted to take a minute to discuss feline and canine obesity.
Seriously, just because the humans leave out a full bowl all day long doesnt mean you have to eat all of it all of the time!
However, if you cant contain your love for the food, ask your human to feed you a breakfast and dinner, just like they get(only with your cat food, not their food!)! Tell them you are working on your figure and that they should measure out your food for you.
We dont have are we supposed to do it?
Im super proud of my girlish figure and run and play every chance i get to stay fit!
It super important to stay healthy, so heres a bit more information on obesity in cats!

see ya soon!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Its been too long!

Hey everyone! Chance here!
Its been way too long since my last post but I've been a busy bee!
So much has happened since then, so Im going to try and fill you in just a bit.

Pet Dental Care month was awesome! Its always so great to watch dogs and cats walk out of here feeling soo much better after a cleaning! Dont forget, though, dental care is just as important every part of the year!

Right now everyone at SAHDC is talking about Zoonosis. I wasnt quite sure about what that word meant, so I sat down with one of the Technicians and had them explain to me in kitty terms! They said that the word "Zoonosis"  refers to a disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals. All sorts of things can be Zoonotic! From parasites to Rabies to ringworm, Zoonotic diseases are super scary!

But there is so much we can do to prevent these things from spreading back and forth among species!

I like to help my humans look under the microscope for parasites!

For more info about Zoonotic Diseases, Check out these websites!

Zoonotic Diseases are Icky!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey everyone!

Its been way too long since I last posted, but I'm back!
I know you've missed me! Who wouldn't?

Theres been so much going on around here lately.

I'd have to say the most exciting thing going on right now is this "Pet Dental Month" thingy everyone here keeps talking about.
Its so cool!

Growing up at SAHDC, my people have always taught me about how important dental hygene is to my health, so I figured I'd share a bit!

Did you know,  according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3? Thats alot!

I always feel so much better after I get my teeth cleaned!

In the mean time, I get to eat these delicious dental treats and have my teeth brushed with yummy toothpaste!

I love living at SAHDC!

Check out for more info