Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My top 10 sleeping places that everyone should love!

10 - The top of the refrigerator - Who doesn't love the cool/warm affect and as an added bonus you can watch everything that is going on below you!

 9 - In a pile of warm laundry - It smells good and is soft, need I say more?

 8 - In a cardboard box - Get ultimate privacy while you nap. Note to all my cat friends:  Remember if you can't see them, they can't see you!

 7 - Stretched out on top of the exam table - It's cool and long, you can stretch out for miles and miles!

 6 - In my bed - Duh! I mean who couldn't sleep on nothing but the pure fluffiness of a pillow.

 5 - Under the doctor's desk - Shhhhhhh, it's a special cave just for you, and if you lay there long enough your people friends forget you're there and you get to pounce and bite at their feet when they are least expecting it!

 4 - On a comfy chair - It's soft and warm, and you can sharpen your claws without even having to get up.

 3 - Draped around my people friend's shoulders - you may not get any sleep, but nothing beats relaxing and getting a fun ride at the same time.

 2 - In my favorite tube (on my cat tree) - It's just the right size. Nobody else can fit into it, and it smells like catnip.

 and my ultimate FAVORITE sleeping place is...

1 - Smack in the middle of the treatment room floor - This might not sound like the coolest or most comfy place but if you are a cat and you get tired you just lay down wherever you feel like it. It is as simple as Tired = Time To Take A Nap, so just do it! You also get the pleasure of annoying others that have to step around or over you and make them envious that you can take a nap and they don't. So go on and lay down and relax...

My name is Chance and I am a cat.

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