Thursday, July 1, 2010

What cat has their very own elevator? ME, that's who!

The animal hospital where I live decided to purchase a new mobile lift table for my people friends to use to pick up and lower large dogs for exams. I guess because those goofy dogs can’t jump up on the table top like us cats. Dogs are just plain useless, why do people like them? Anyway so they purchased this table without my knowing it and low and behold I walk into the treatment room and I see a table that I think is just for me. It is only 12 inches off the ground when lowered which is purrrfect.

I used to love to jump up and walk across the exam tables and check out everything that was going on, but since my recent knee surgeries I haven’t been able to do this. So here I am today sitting on “my table” watching all my people friends wrestle with some crazy dogs and the next thing I know one of my people friends walks over and pushes this button thing and up I am going. WOW! It’s magic, or so I am told. I don’t really know what magic is but this could definitely be it.

So here I am on a table top high off the ground and I didn’t even have to jump up onto it. The best part is that it works both ways. This morning I had foolishly jumped up onto a counter-top and was trying to jump down (even though my people friends tell me not to and were trying to stop me) and then I see one of my people friends raise the lift table up to match the counter-top's height. So I walk onto my lift table and then down we go. How cool is this? I have my own personal elevator. My people friends are the best. My name is Chance, and I am a cat.

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