Thursday, February 25, 2010

The "Tail" Begins!

Hello. Thanks for reading my blog. This blog is all about me, Chance. 

First the obvious, I am a cat and I only have 3 legs. After one of my new people friends meets me the first thing out of their mouth is what happened to your/her leg? I am getting tired of this question... If I could talk I would say who cares about my  4th leg... I didn't need it anyway and I LOVE my other three legs so why is it a big deal to you human people? I see no disadvantage to me only having three legs, and in reality it is an advantage. I get by with things that other cats in my position might get scolded for and it was because of my bum leg in the first place that I came to live the best place in the world and be with all of my people friends. We cats are very rational. I had a bum leg that didn't work right, now it is gone and I get around just fine!

Okay, enough of me blabing here is the story about my 4th leg ...

I was found by a very nice, young, guy on a golf range when I was just a wee little kitten (about 4 weeks old) with a severe leg injury. The nice, young man took me in and took me to the most awesome place ever. He took me to see the doctors at Sedgefield Animal Hospital and Dental Center. The staff at the SAHDC checked me out and they think by the look of my leg that someone might have abused me by picking me up  by my leg and throwing me. My shoulder was completely dislocated, and I had some pretty bad nerve damage that had been like that for a quite a while. The staff at the Sedgefield Animal Hospital decided to take me in and nursed me to back to health with love and TLC. They knew from the beginning that they couldn't save my leg. However, they wanted me to get big and strong before having surgery.  When I turned 5 months old this past September the doctors knew I was ready for surgery to amputate my front leg. The day after my surgery I was ready to go, and haven't slowed down since. The staff thought they would be able to place me in a new home once I recovered from surgery, but by that point they had already fallen in love with my great and funny personality (hehe.. little do they know). 

So, that's the story. Do I miss my 4th leg? NO! I am a purrfectly normal cat and I can do great cat things without my other leg. I can ride on my people friends' shoulders. I can climb to the top of the refrigerator or on top of the 7 ft. tall bookcases. I can trashcan dive and I can chase down the other hospital cat. Nothing is an obstacle for me. My name is Chance and I am a cat.

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